I would never have thought earlier that writing a book was so hard.  The first book was born in three years.  Characters began to live their lives.  And all the curiosities, experiences and despair-went through my soul.  About what the book came out, judge you, my reader.




ISBN 978-5-4485-4984-7
145x205 мм, 534 страницы

A simple guy Alexei Filippov gets through the Gateway of Travels to another, unknown world where he has to survive, relying only on his own strength.  He finds himself friends, becomes the operator of the machine "Witch Hunter" with a demonic spirit inside.  Receives the first task of the ruler Midrand, with their friends they learn about the ancient "Dagger-Keeper", after which they go to the bowels of the mountain to the dwarves.  At this time, Vladyka Azgaron begins to implement his insidious plan to enslave      

   " Travel to Lostgard "  
Vyacheslav Perelygin

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